Eulife Technology

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Eulife Technology is the soul of the light.

Established in October 2004 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Eulife Technology has focused its work to develop eco-friendly configurable LED driver/dimmer for solid-state lighting applications.
The company also manufactures LED lamps for traffic lights, and recently also incursionated in the production of cement-based waterproof paintings and coatings.
Since its beginning, and in order to create the best-quality products, Eulife Technology designed a management philosophy based on being professional, innovative and customer-oriented.
Thanks to our very own research and development team is that we are able to deliver the most high-quality products in every step of its production, from the planning room to the shelves in the market.
Aware of the current situation of our world we insist on producing only environmentally friendly and products.
Is because of the sake of our environments, and the satisfaction of our clients, that we keep on innovating, trying to continually improve ourselves, delivering the highest quality result in each one of our projects.